Thursday, November 12, 2009

Traditional Market in Denpasar

Dear readers,

As the capital of Bali, Denpasar offers many things to you. When you visit this city, there are some places to visits, such as Bali Museum, Jagatnatha temple, Bajra Sandhi Monument and Denpasar traditional market,called Kumbasari Market.

I will now tell you about Kumbasari Market. Located in the center of busiest road in Denpasar, made this old market become a center of crowd of people, who are come from many places in Bali as well as visitor and the sellers. If you are foreigners who just arrived in Bali, please do not surprise with the crowd and of course the traffic jam around the market. Because, 'that's normal', according to one of police officer who stand by the corner.

What to Buy?

The market offers anything you want. Clothes, food, traditional cakes, vegetables and etc. But before you explore it, please be prepared with some rupiah with you. To reach this crowded place, if you are FIT traveler, please ask a taxi driver to drop you there and it's even better if you handled by a travel agent. All of them know this place.

So, welcome to Kumbasari Market, The real Balinese life style.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Bali & Its History

Ending the prehistoric, Bali was intended to do a search and travel by spiritual leaders. Rsi Markandeya recorded as the spiritual leader of the first set of Java travel in Bali. Travel search inner purity and balance of nature and place of Hindu religious order pole on the south slope of Mount Agung is now known as the Pura Besakih. Basukian Temple is believed to be the first milestone with their followers Rsi Markandeya Bali as a land ensuring the goal of building a spiritual value.

How sustainable, the order of spiritual life coincided with simultaneous governance in Bali. The Kingdom of Warmadewa Dynasty mentioned in various ancient texts is very supportive of religious survival of the culture and local customs that invite the arrival of spiritual leaders and the land of Java. The arrival of Professor Kuturan on 11th century sektar certainly capable of glue fabric of local communities living with Hinduism order brought from Java. Order with the concept of traditional village parhyangan as the personification of God in the Tri Murti function is an effort to accommodate the local concept of union with the Hindu concept.

Continuing spiritual journey made by leaders of the Hindu religion of Java. The unification of Archipelago by the Majapahit is the culmination of the journey and the transformation of religion and local culture with Hindu culture. In the course of time, Bali and its people then live their daily lives with the administration, religion, art, and unique culture. The uniqueness of this later, in about the year 1579, the attention of a Dutchman named Cornelis de Houtman who travel to Indonesia in search of spices. Fertile soil, agriculture and cultural uniqueness of people in daily living was a major concern for the expedition de Houtman.

Together with Indonesia, which is known as a producer of spices, Bali has become a popular world of the cultural side. Dutch mastery of Indonesia was at about age 17 and 18 is not much influence on religious life and culture in Bali. Hinduism in Bali at that time and even into the heyday of the kingdom in Bali headquartered in Gelgel and then transferred to Smarapura (Klungkung). Early 20th century, then occupied by the Dutch Bali marked the fall of the Kingdom of Klungkung Klungkung Puputan War through 1908.
Facility Tours

Since the acquisition by the Dutch, Bali seemed wide open for a stranger's visit. Bali is not only the arrival of foreigners as tourists but no less the observer and cultural penekun came to record the uniqueness of Balinese culture and art. From the cultural penekun consisting of writers, authors, and this is the uniqueness of Balinese painters increasingly spread in the international world. Submission of information through various media by foreigners were able to attract travelers to visit Bali. Admiration for land and to inspire interest Bali strangers gave the title to Bali. The Island of Gods, The Island of Paradise, The Island of Thousand Temples, The Morning of the World, and various other praise names.

1930, in the heart of Denpasar, built a hotel to accommodate the arrival of tourists at that time. Bali Hotel, a colonial architectural style buildings, a milestone in the history of Bali tourism until now these buildings are still solid in the original style. Not only was visited by tourists, ambassadors from the village of Balinese arts Peliatan cultural visit to several countries in Europe and America indirectly, that visit as well as introducing the existence of Bali as a tourist destination well worth a visit.

Tourism activities, which began to blossom when he was, had stopped due to World War II between the years 1942-1945 which was followed by an increasingly bitter struggle for independence struggle of Indonesia, including what happened in Bali until the year 1949. Mid 50's decade Balinese tourism reorganized and in 1963 built Hotel Bali Beach (The Grand Bali Beach Hotel) at Sanur beach with a ten-story building. This hotel is the only tour that shaped residential high-rise residential facilities while tourism (hotels, home stay, pensions) that developed later only a one-story building. In the mid decades of the 70th Balinese local government issued a regulation governing the area maximum building height of 15 meters. This determination is determined by considering the cultural factors and traditional spatial Bali so Bali is still a cultural values that can be  tourism leading sector.

With certainty, since the operation of Hotel Bali Beach in November 1966, construction of residential tourism facilities grew rapidly. In terms of quality, Sanur grew relatively better planned for alongside the Bali Beach Hotel Kuta Beach while the herd berkemabang naturally moves from the local residential models. Model homestay and pensions grow more dominant than the standard model of the hotel. Similarly, Kuta, Ubud area in Gianyar district developed naturally, grew up in houses that still survive in rural feel.

Construction of residential facilities of international-class tourist finally began with the development of Nusa Dua area into an international tourist resort. Managed by Bali Tourism Developmnet Corporation, an agency of government formation, Nusa Dua area is developed to meet the needs of international tourism. Some hotel operators in Nusa Dua area as the investors who ultimately was able to increase tourism area development of Bali.

Subsequent periods, tourism and residential facilities with very rapid growth in the residential center of tourism, especially in areas Badung, Denpasar and Gianyar.  Pantai Kuta area, Jimbaran, and Seminyak into residential tourism in Badung regency, Sanur, and the central city to Denpasar area. Ubud, Kedewatan, Somerset West, and Terrace into a residential development of tourism in the region of Gianyar.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Jakarta's Drowning, What about Denpasar?

Capital city of Jakarta submerged by the floods became hot news last few days actually have become " the annual permanent agenda" the central government in Indonesia. However, amid the chill of the flood water, the warmer the news when the most powerful people in this republic, as RI 1 & 2, trapped and participate sprayed "grace" which is desired by the people of Gunung Kidul, Central Java. Moreover, such display Jakarta Soekarno-Hatta airport shut by the water has made hundreds of national and international flights have been postphoned even cancellation. Topographically, Capital of Jakarta is located in lowland areas that facilitate the activities disrupt flood metropolitan residents. Like a passenger ship, the Capital of Jakarta was laden with the burden, whether the social burden, the burden of construction, and even shed of mind.All burden on 'Si Pitung" origin . All kinds of loads are made Mother earth of Jakarta feeling so stress, then angry and finally she blew her anger by "crying".However, the affection, tears of Mother earth Jakarta so much that can not be accommodated by their "children" who are 'naughty'.

Water, The Sources of Life

As we already know, the role of water was so great in living life. Humans as part of the inhabitants of this universe, naturally made many efforts to conserve water, as the source of her present life and future. Specifically on the island of the gods, Bali, there has been distortion and erosion of moral & material resulting water resources in Bali is now in danger.

The universe is believed to contain 60% water content is more. Similarly human body contains more water. In the concept of micro-macro cosmos, buana agung and buana alit, the content of the universe and the human body is the same. If the human body occurs in an element of unbalance, these people certainly would fall sick. As a mankind in this world we have to thanks the God, how God gives us so gracious water and so abundant. There are sea water, rivers, springs, fountains, lakes, piped water, which are all made whether intentionally or not for the sake of residents living universe. Well,what about  in Bali?

A Note About Bali Art Festival

Artistic life in Bali is recorded from the first ingrained in each of the joints of Balinese life. Art, so integrated in every breath of Balinese life until now and who knows how long. Clearly, the existence of art and culture in Bali proved to spread perfume all over the world. Bali so famous throughout the world.

Crematorium, Visionary Solutions or Overcome Conflict?

Like Bali Post reported Tuesday, December 9, 2008, Pasek citizens joined in Maha Gotra Pasek Sanak Sapta Rsi (MGPSSR), inaugurated the Ngaben crematorium.

The main purpose of this Crematorium, as presented by Prof.DR. I Wayan Wita, the Chairman MGPSSR, Chairman MGPSSR often result in death or Ngaben becomes a problem or conflict, especially in indigenous areas prone in Bali.  Support for the existence of this Crematorium, also come from PHDI(the Indonesian Hindu Organization). Crematorium has been able to function and is open to all soroh, Hindustan overseas, people who get and other Customary Sanctions.

Revitalize The Balinese Custom Wisely

A  Nostalgia

Bali Island is an island that is very unique and so admired by people from all over the world.  Imagine, the tourists come in droves to Bali to see the uniqueness of their Bali. Generally trip to Bali not to see the rise buildings, concrete or hard concrete. But, in Bali there was something different from the country, which obliged to be enjoyed . What's that?  We certainly agree that the customs and culture of Bali became the backbone of Bali tourism pulse of nature than a thousand islands exotic temples.
Balinese society since the days of Mpu Kuturan introdruced a system that called Tri Kahyangan This concepts of life is implemented in the social life in balinese traditional villages which is divided again in the concept of banjar banjar.  This valuable concepts  also the main pillars of Balinese society in sustaining cultural customs and inherited until now.

Undeniably, customs so pervasive in every joint lives of the Balinese. Pekraman village system in which there are three main elements, namely the Tri Hita Karana concept implemented in Tri Kahyangan, which includes three holy places, Pura Desa, Pura and Pura Dalem Puseh. Mpu Kuturan heritage that are so great, really become the main pillar of human life support Bali. Ngayah activities as part of the implementation of the concept of Tri Kahyangan, run by the village by Desa Pekraman. Desa,kala, patra in each village pekraman and usually arranged in the village awig-awig or rules of desa pekraman which is also known as local awig. Arrangements were equipped with such penalties for offenders. In the era of 80-under, agriculture becomes a source of income is the main Balinese Green rice fields that extend vast stretches from west to east and from south to north. In a certain area, a traditional Balinese irrigation system commonly known as Subak to function properly. Kerobokan Kuta area and now, was once the area is lush green rice fields as it gets a lot of water flow from the moment.